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Veterinary Recommendations:

We strongly feel that in a perfect world, a natural approach through homeopathy or traditional Chinese medicine is usually the best option for treatment when considering side effects and overall lifespan of your pet. That being said, there unfortunately are not any homeopathic veterinarians in our area anymore. When forced to choose a conventional route, we visit Dr. Dan at the Bird & Exotic Clinic of Seattle. Dr. Dan is very thoughtful, humane, and open to questions regarding treatment. 

Bird and Exotic Clinic of Seattle

(206) 783-4538

Address: 10501 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA 98133

Emergency vets:

Evergreen Avian and Exotic Veterinary Hospital in Kirkland, WA
(425) 821-6165
Address: 12930 NE 125th Way b130, Kirkland, Washington 98034

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