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Surrendering Information

Under certain circumstances, surrendering is the most humane and secure way to ensure your pets are rehomed safely. If you are looking to surrender your pet. Please email us with the information below so we can evaluate the situation and proceed with the next steps.


Contact us with:

  1. Reason for surrendering

  2. Location

  3. Photo(s) of the guinea pig(s)

  4. Photo of their cage

  5. Bio on the guinea pig(s) including name, personality, gender, age, etc.

  6. Supplies that come with them


Please send an email to or press the email button below. Once we receive this information, we will process it as quickly as possible and respond shortly! While we accept surrenders on a case-by-case basis,  at the minimum we will be able to make a courtesy post and work closely with you to help you rehome your cavies. 

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