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Fostering Opportunities

Because we don’t have a physical shelter, we rely solely on foster parents to house animals temporarily while we find homes for them. Foster animals can find their forever home in as quickly as 2 weeks but foster parents should be prepared to foster as long as needed. Some animals need to find a home that best fits themOur work wouldn’t be possible without foster homes.


Why foster?

  • Save a life!

  • Children learn responsibility and can earn service learning hours

  • Your donations and expenses are tax deductible 

We will review this application and may contact the foster applicant to clear up any questions or concerns about the information supplied. Once we accept the application, the applicant must sign the foster agreement: LINK























Foster care homes provide:
Screenshot (51).png
•Daily care, food and bedding 
•Socializationand if needed Medical Treatment
•Description and pictures to help the adoption process.
Feel free to share their information on social media
•Transportation to adoptions and adoption events.
You may opt-in to transport to medical visits
Bigfoot's SAR provide:
•Full coverage of approved medical expenses
•A cage and any other supplies if needed.
Screenshot (52).png
•Adoption hosting and process
you may opt-in to host adoptions
Screenshot (51).png
•Transportation to the vet
You may opt-in to transport to medical visits
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