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Donate to Bigfoot's Guinea Pig Rescue

Our overall mission is to be a strong voice for small animals. We provide neglected or abused guinea pigs the care they require until ready to be adopted out to a loving forever home. We rely on the donations, support and kindness of our community to help continue the work we do! 

Monetary donations are mainly used for our frequent vet bills and the medical emergencies that come through the rescue! Donations also help cover daily care costs such as pellets, hay, bedding, enrichment accessories, food bowls, water bottles, cage supplies,

Pick out important items for our rescue and ship them straight to our guinea pigs via our Amazon Wishlist! 

Items we always need of are pellets, hay, and paper bedding. But our Wishlist is always being updated! 


We also accept in-person donations of cage supplies, pellets, hay, bedding, toys, etc. to be dropped off at our location!   Even if the food or bedding is open, or items are used - we can still put them to good use! Please contact us  for our address and to schedule drop off time! 

At this time, WE CANNOT ACCEPT ANY CAGES as donations due to limited storage space. But we always accept other items! Thank you for thinking of our rescue!

Every small act of kindness is appreciated! 
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