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Boarding Information

We would love to board your babies, I know they will be safest at our rescue!


Our cost for 1-2 guinea pigs is $9 per day and only $55 per week if more than 2 weeks. 


Included in Price:

  • Spacious MidWest or C&C style cage with hideys, hay bin, water bottle, and pellet dish.

  • Paper bedding or fleece.

  • Unlimited orchard hay grass.

  • Vitamin C

  • Timothy-based plain pellets

  • Fresh water changed daily

  • Daily floortime/ cuddles

  • Vegetables 

  • Any pellets, vegetables, bedding, or accessories you want to bring for your guinea pigs are very much welcome and helpful to keep them on as much of the same routine as possible.

The boarding piggies stay in our home with my husband and I. Since our guinea pig rescue is home-based, we have a guinea pig room where our sweet cavies stay and that is where we board our cavies  We are experts and always keep a very close eye on the babies



We also offer the following spa services during boarding for $5.00 - Nail Trims, Ear Clean, Boar Spa, Bath (w/hair trim if needed) - pick up your piggies nice and clean!

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