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Adoption Information and Policy

Bigfoots Small Animal Rescue is home-based — we care for animals through our network of foster care homes.

Before applying,

1. Review and assure you have space at home and may purchase an appropriately sized cage for your new friend.

(It is crucial to us that our rescue animals are in proper size cages!)

2. Review the appropriate food and diet needed for the animal.
3. You must be live in Washington state OR be willing to travel to our home-based rescue in Snohomish County, WA.

4. Must be 18+ to apply, We require an adult or guardian over 18 years old contact us and apply to be approved as the animals primary caregivers.

We will be adding online applications soon to make the adoption process more efficient! Once you email us we will reply with next steps.  

Thanks for your patience as we work to make your experience as a prospective adopter better!

  • Guinea Pig Adoption Application 

    Click Here ---->
    We have a pairs policy if you don't own a guinea pig, you may adopt a bonded pair.
    If you have a lonely guinea pig we have m
    atchmaking services---> 

  • Gerbil Adoption Application  (coming soon)
    Please email with your request.

  • Mouse Adoption Application (coming soon)

    Please email with your request.


Once we have the completed application, we will process and may call the adopter by phone or e-mail to clear up any questions and concerns about the application—including whether the adopter meets our cage requirements and has the proper supplies—and to ensure that the adopter has all of the information needed to properly care for the animal. At the time of adoption, adopters must sign an adoption contract. Bigfoots Small Animal Rescue greatly appreciates your interest in adopting one of our animals, and we’re committed towards finding the right match for you. We may make some recommendations and steer you towards a specific animal. Although we’re flexible, we may refuse to place specific animals in certain homes, because we know that the pet would not work out (e.g., is not good with children). We want to find homes for our animals, but we don’t want them to have to go through the rescue process again.

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